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5365ChemicalGppCp (GMPPCP) Nonhydrolyzable GTP analogExpensive 5 mg2024-06-28Upright Freezer - Beta
5364ChemicalGppNHp, Non-hydrolyzable GTP analogExpensive 10 mg2024-06-24Upright Freezer - Beta
5363ChemicalGTP-gamma-S, G-protein-activating GTP analogExpensive 10 mg2024-06-24Upright Freezer - Beta
5362Reagent - ElectrophoresisSYPRO Red Protein Gel Stain500 uL2024-02-22Deli Fridge
5361Reagent - ElectrophoresisSYPRO Tangerine Protein Gel Stain500 uL2024-02-22Deli Fridge
5360Reagent - ElectrophoresisSYPRO Orange Protein Gel Stain10 x 50 uL2024-02-22Deli Fridge
5359Reagent - Immunological DetectionSYPRO Ruby Protein Blot Stain200 mL2024-02-22Deli Fridge
5358Reagent - ElectrophoresisCoomassie Fluor Orange Protein Gel1 L2024-02-23Deli Fridge
5357Reagent - ElectrophoresisSYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain1 L2024-02-22Deli Fridge
5356ReagentInvitrogen No-stain protein labelling reagent40 rxn 2023-11-29Upright Freezer - Beta
5355 2023-11-02
5354ChemicalCube Biotech polymersExpensive 2023-10-23Deli Fridge
5353ProteinBSA Bovine Serum Albumin, Protease free250 g2023-09-19Deli Fridge
5352ChemicalServa Blue G25 g2023-08-25Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5351ReagentBCA Reagent A4x1000 mL2023-08-10
5350ChemicalAcrylamideToxic 500 g2023-08-10Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5349Chemical2,2,2-TrichloroethanolCorrosive 25g g2023-07-24Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5348ChemicalMercaptoacetic acid sodium saltToxic Corrosive 25g g2023-07-24Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5347Chemicalbeta-Alanine250g g2023-06-20Overhead Chemical Cabinet
5346ChemicalDL-Alanine250g g2023-06-20Overhead Chemical Cabinet
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