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2817Ampicillin Sodium Salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
2818Ampicillin Sodium Salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
2819Ampicillin Sodium Salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
2820Ampicillin Sodium salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
2821Ampicillin Sodium Salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
4357SMA(styrene maleic anhydride) 1440 H453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
2822Ampicillin Sodium Salt25 g2008-03-20Deli Fridge
4358SMA(styrene maleic anhydride) 1440 H453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
4359 2015-10-13
4360SMA (styrene maleic anhydride) 2000 H 453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
4872cyanobacteria cryopreservation stock: PSI oligomer pcc1829 0000-00-00Buffy
4361SMA (styrene maleic anhydride) 2625 H453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
2826PCR DNA ladder Marker300 uL2008-03-26Upright Freezer - Beta
4362SMA (styrene maleic anhydride) 3000 H453 g2015-10-13Floor Level Chemical Cabinet
3087N-DODECYL-β-D-MALTOPYRANOSIDEExpensive 5 g0000-00-00Upright Freezer - Beta
2835Protease Inhibitor Cocktail5 mL2008-05-05Upright Freezer - Beta
3860Ex TaqExpensive 250 units 2010-11-11Chest Freezer
3861GC10 Competent Cells 10^9Expensive 50 uL2010-11-11NEW -80
4374 2015-11-06
4638Micopure-EZ centrifugal filter device 2018-08-06Above Kristen's Bench
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