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  TN-SCORE Energy Education Module “Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Angela Gilley, Richard Simmerman & Barry Bruce

Download: English or Spanish
Other Link: American Society of Plant Biologist K-12 Resources.

 2014 Barry Bruce
Science For Monks, Dharamsala, India

In October, Dr. Barry Bruce was invited to lecture as a guest faculty at the Western Faculty, 3rd Cohort, Science For Monks in Dharamsala, India using the teaching module “Looking at Micro-Life Around You”

 2014 Barry Bruce
XVI Congreso Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad, San Jose, Costa Rica.

In August, Dr. Barry Bruce was a Guest Speaker and workshop leader for school teachers using the energy education module “Dye Sensitized Solar Cells” at the XVI Congreso Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad, San Jose, Costa Rica.
 2014 Angela Gilley
Expanding Your Horizons Conference in Murfreesboro, TN

Angela Gilley led a high school workshop using the Energy Education Module "Dye Sensitized Solar Cells" at the Expanding Your Horizons Conference in Murfreesboro, TN on Saturday, September 20th.
 2014 Barry Bruce
Exploratorium Teacher Institute San Francisco, CA

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute (TI) in San Francisco, CA offers a summer professional development program for middle and high school science and mathematics teachers. During these institutes, teachers work with each other and with staff scientists and educators to learn more about science and mathematics teaching. Dr. Barry Bruce offered an elective course, “Solar Cells from Plant Pigments.” Participants constructed a dye-sensitized solar cell using vegetable and fruit pigments, analyzed how energy is measured, and compared power output from the variety of plant pigments used in solar cells.

 2014 Angela Gilley
TN STEM Leadership Academy Nashville, TN

For the third consecutive year, TN-SCORE provided an energy engineering challenge for STEM teachers throughout the state. This year, the TN-SCORE Energy Education Module “Dye Sensitized Solar Cells” (download) was created by TN-SCORE Outreach Coordinator, Angela Gilley, who led the engineering challenge in Nashville.

 2013 Angela Gilley
Expanding Your Horizon Workshop at MTSU

Angela Gilley led a workshop, which provided the girls with a hands-on engineering challenge to design a wind turbine. The girls made decisions on which type materials would be best to construct wind turbine blades, the number of blades, and aerodynamics of blade shape and blade pitch angle to determine the best power output.

 2013 Angela Gilley
Boys & Girls Club Outreach Knoxville, TN

On July 27th Angela Gilley (TN-SCORE Outreach Coordinator) and Jack Kang (UT VolsTeach Student) provided activities for 15 third and fourth grade students and 15 high school students at the Boys & Girls Club in South Knoxville. The students learned about renewable energy careers, how to build wind turbine blades and used multimeters to test voltage from their design. They also raced fuel cell cars using solar panels as an energy source for electrolysis using the fuel cell to then run the car.

 2012 Angela Gilley & Barry Bruce
Oak Ridge, TN

Hosted by Oak Ridge Associated Universities and contracted by the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, the Academy brought middle school science teachers from 53 school districts throughout the state for a three day (June 26-28) intensive professional development workshop to create networks where educators share ideas on how to best teach new STEM curriculums. Outreach Coordinator, Angela Gilley and Professor, Barry Bruce provided three energy engineering challenges that provided hands-on learning and introduction to curriculum-based learning modules. The concepts of obtaining and converting energy through microbial fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar cells were highlighted. The teachers were divided into teams of five and competed with each other to see what teams produce the most energy in each challenge.

 2012 Angela Gilley
Workshop for middle school girls at the Expanding Your Horizons Conference in Murfreesboro, TN

On September 22, 2012 Girls Raised in Tennessee Science (GRITS) held its 16th Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) workshop at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. EYH motivates young women in Science and Math. This day of Math and Science workshops hosted over 400 middle and high school girls from the middle Tennessee area. Angela Gilley held a workshop for 18 of the middle Tennessee girls where students learned about hydrogen fuel cells, how they are used, and how they work. Energy was generated from a solar panel to produce hydrogen to run their fuel cell cars.
 2012 Angela Gilley
Strategic Synergies Workshop

August 2, 2012 eight states sent their NSF EPSCoR and SENCER Fellows to build state and regional “STEM Pipeline” partnerships at the Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) Summer Institute. The Institute was held at Santa Clara University. On the last day of the conference jurisdictional teams developed “Frameworks for Collaboration” focused on integrating service-learning with EPSCoR outreach and revising university-level science courses. The paired teams will continue to meet this fall and plan to use the EPSCoR/ SENCER/ Campus Compact collaboration to assist a Girls Raised in TN Science (GRITS) program called Green Girls during the Spring/Summer 2013. Pictured are Angela Gilley and Samantha Brown from TN-SCORE as well as EPSCoR representatives from Kentucky and West Virginia.
 2012 Khoa Nguyen & Cathy Scott − Judges
The Scienctific Method, Science Fair, Mooreland Heights Elementary, Knoxville, TN
 2010 Barry Bruce − Faculty Mentor
College of Arts and Sciences Pre-collegiate Research Scholars Program
Brooke Butler & Daniel Pitcher, Farragut High School, Knoxville, TN
 2010 Barry Bruce − Collaborating Mentor
Hannah Rojeski & Megan Kurohara, Hilo High School, HI.
The 2nd Place Winner, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, San Jose, CA.
 2009 Barry Bruce − Collaborating Mentor
Hannah Rojeski & Megan Kurohara, Hilo High School, HI.
The 1st Place Senior Research Division, the 24th Annual Hawaii District Science and Engineering Fair.
 2009 Barry Bruce − Collaborating Mentor
Natalie Alberman & Sofya Kalantarova
Silver Medal Winners, iSWEEEP, International Sustainable World Energy Engineering & Environment Project Olympia.
 2008 Barry Bruce − Outside Faculty Member
Yanina Bukhman, Doctoral Dissertation Committee, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arizon State University, Tempa, AZ.
 2008 Barry Bruce − Collaborating Mentor
Natalie Alberman & Sofya Kalantarova
Finalist, Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology
 2008 Barry Bruce − Instructor
Excellence in Teaching Workshop, East Tennessee Science Teachers Development, Module Title: Biological macromolecues
 2004 Barry Bruce − Invited Faculty Member
Orinda Chew, Doctoral Dissertation Committee, Department of Biolog, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
 1999 Barry Bruce − Invited Outside Member
Paul van den Wijngaard, Doctoral Dissertation Committee, Department of Plant Physiology, Wagingen University, Wagingen, Netherlands.


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